Terms and Conditions


The Contract for customer vehicle transportation and parking between PARK FOR U and the Customer is subject to these Terms and Conditions AND also subject to the laws of the Province of Ontario.

WALSAN TRANSPORT INC., a company duly incorporated under law, doing business under the name of “PARK FOR U” head office located at 30 Fasken Drive, Etobicoke, ON, M9W 1K5.

WHERE AS PARK FOR U is in the business of providing a service to transport your vehicle to/ from Desired Location and to/ from dedicated Park For U parking/ storage spaces;

WHERE ASPARK FOR U is in the business of providing additional automobile services such as cleaning, oil change and automobile maintenance

All customers are required to click pictures of their vehicles before handing the vehicle to valet agent. Park For U does not keep record of odometer reading and pictures of any customers vehicle. In case of any claim, customer need to submit time stamped pictures to Park For U. while retrieving the vehicle. Park For U will not entertain any claims submitted after the vehicle has been taken from its custody.

Park For U shall not be liable for (A) fire, theft, loss, environmental/weather related damage or any damage to the vehicle (B) mechanical malfunction (C) fire, theft, loss or damage to any personal property or article left in the vehicle; loss of vehicle and license plates (D) damage or loss caused by criminal acts by third parties (E) incidental or consequential damages (F) customer assumes full responsibility for any personal injuries that may occur while the vehicle is in Park For U’s care. (G) any windshield dings, cracks or damage. This includes flying debris that can damage the vehicle such as smashed windows, windshields, dents and more; sudden temperature changes resulting in windshield damage. (H) scraped rim, flat or burst tires (I) if any time an agent is not available or does not feel safe in the vehicle, they can deny service to protect the customer and themselves. Park For U shall not be liable in any way for parking charges incurred due to unavailability (J) any claims made after the vehicle has left Park For U's property and is in customer's possession.

PARK FOR U CUSTOMER should have valid sticker and insurance liability on vehicle. PARK FOR U does not become an insurer. You further acknowledge and agree that if your vehicle is left at the Facility or Storage Location for more than thirty (30) days after the Actual Check-In Time (or longer than thirty (30) days as the Facility Manager may authorize), then such vehicle and its contents may be impounded at your expense and sold for expenses and storage fees. No employee or other representative of PARK FOR U may modify or waive any of the terms of these Terms (other than Facility Manager’s limited right to permit vehicles to remain over thirty (30) days).

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY - Neither officers, directors, employees or authorized agents shall be under any liability to the customer nor any other person for direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use of the service or any delay, failure or interruption of the service or in the use or performance. No conditions, warranties or representations express or implied, statutory or otherwise, have been made by PARK FOR U, its officers or agents.

PARK FOR U is fully insured with multiple liability insurance. General Liability: Provides protection for damages for someone else’s property (i.e. Bodily Injury and Property Damage Coverage). Insurance certificates describing Park For U’s insurance coverage is posted at 30 Fasken Drive. Etobicoke, Head Office. Shall an incident occur and auto body damage is caused by negligence, Park For U will resolve and repair vehicle ONLY at a Park For U authorized Auto Body Repair Shop.

PARK FOR U shall maintain at all times proper security at the storage facility including but not limited to keeping a secure fence, maintaining proper lighting at night, and maintaining a security surveillance system.

- PARK FOR U is not a common public car park and may refuse any person/s whether or not a Booking/Payment has been accepted or processed by PARK FOR U without any obligation to provide reasons for such refusal.

- Customers must check in at the PARK FOR U Head Office located at 30 Fasken Drive car check-in facility at the time nominated by PARK FOR U. Should the Customer not arrive on or before the nominated time then PARK FOR U shall not be liable for any customers' failure to meet arrivals and departures.

- The Customer acknowledges that PARK FOR U may need to cancel parking services due to force majeure industrial action, no parking spaces available, technical problems or any event beyond the reasonable control of PARK FOR U. In no circumstances will PARK FOR U be liable for any losses which a Customer may incur as a result of any such occurrence or event.

- PARK FOR U may photograph the vehicle for record purposes.

- PARK FOR U reserves the right to move the vehicle to an offsite secured car parking lot.

- Cancellation Policy – The customer acknowledges that modification or cancellations can occur up to 24 hours prior to start time of your reservation. PARK FOR U will provide a full credit to your account, which is unexpirable and fully transferrable towards your next reservation. Any cancellations, done less than 24 hours to reservation time will be subject to a credit less 25% of total amount. To modify or cancel a reservation, please email info@parkforu.com or call 844.675.7171

- Collection - On signing to collect the vehicle the Customer accepts the vehicle and the PARK FOR U is discharged from its obligations.

- Authorized Persons. The Customer who makes the booking confirms that the person who signs the vehicle in is the authorized custodian of the vehicle.

- The Customer states that there are no flammable, and or illegal substances in the vehicle.

- The service charges include one time pick-up and drop-off. If customer requests for second trip, additional $10 charges will be applied. The request can vary for forgetting something in vehicle or not being ready at terminal. This policy is in place to ensure timely service to all customers while adhering to airport regulations and maintaining efficiency in our operations.